International transportation

  1. International and Domestic Transportation
  2. Our advantages
  3. Discounts for the complex of services

Together with our business partners, we provide transportation services. We offer international and domestic transportations with all types of transport and we are ready to solve any logistic problem. Our logistic capabilities let us offer the high quality of service, the shortest delivery time and low prices for international transportation by trucks or by containers. As a result we are ready to outsource all FTA operations. This service is very popular among our clients.

International and Domestic Transportation

  • We search for goods and their manufacturers; we provide assistance in setting up a contract and following up contract agreements
  • We pick up and consolidate cargos at our warehouses in Europe, America, Asia, and potentially anywhere in the world
  • We deliver cargoes from anywhere in the world to our temporary storage warehouse
  • We deliver cargos from our temporary storage warehouse to the client’s door anywhere in Russia

Our advantages

If we provide the complex of services, we are responsible for the whole cycle of the cargo delivery and clearance, so we can optimize the general costs of delivery, control the delivery schedule and lower the risks. This is very beneficial to the clients.

"Cargo is yours, concerns are ours!"

Discounts for the complex of services

When dealing with the complex of customs and logistics services (international transportation + customs clearance), we are able to optimize the whole process, which also leads to risks reduction and savings on internal transactions. In this case we are ready to give our clients additional discounts. The amount of the discount depends on the volume and complexity of the order; still it will be attractive for the client.