Special offer for chemistry importers

Krasnozavodsky customs post is located on the territory of the temporary storage warehouse «InterLine». It has the special license to clear the chemistry goods through the customs (according to Order Nr. 1919 from 20.09.2011 of Federal Customs Service of Russia).

Our company regularly improves the process of customs operations, which helps us to execute customs clearance of chemical goods quickly and qualitatively, taking into account its specific features. The extended capacity of the temporary storage warehouse and the post, the cumulative experience and efficient processes allowed us to increase the labor productivity, the terminal’s throughput, and also to reduce the cost value. All this enabled us to offer our clients lower prices for our service and to compete successfully on the market (we are able to complete with border customs posts too).

As of today we offer the full complex of services on customs operations with goods of chemical industry at the best rates in Russia:

  • The basic complex of services of temporary storage warehouse is from 8000 to 11000 rubles;
  • The full complex of services with additional discount is from 11000 to 15000 rubles.

At the same time, the clients who import goods regularly (from 10 trucks per month), get significant discounts.