Services for importers

  1. Terminal services (Temporary storage Warehouse)
  2. Custom agent services
  3. Our advantages

You will hardly find more beneficial ratio of high quality of service, comfort conditions and low prices at any other terminal in the Moscow Region. We are ready to offer the full range of customs services or any selected configuration (in this case the client does the work partially by himself, but with our assistance). At the same time, we focus on long-term and close cooperation with our clients and on meeting their needs to the utmost. We compete on the market, that’s why we fight for our clients with price or nonprice methods.

Terminal services (Temporary storage Warehouse)

  • Parking lots on temporary storage warehouse territory
  • Temporary storage of goods
  • Processing of accompanying documents
  • Reports preparation
  • Free service Warehouse-Online: tracking the current status of the vehicle and the cargo, using the client’s Personal Account; email and SMS notifications.

The company, that imports or exports goods, makes customs operations usually with the help of a professional representative, called the customs agent. In this case we provide the full complex of necessary services for cargo clearance and give significant discount for it.

However, the large companies may have their own FTA department and their own customs specialists, who can actually replace the functions of an agent. In this case we provide them only with the extended services of the temporary storage warehouse; we also help them to interact with the customs post (together that is more than just temporary storage warehouse services, so it’s a bit more expensive than the same service for customs agents, who have the «wholesale» discount).

Customs agent services

  • Code determination according the Nomenclature of Goods subject to Foreign Trade in Russia, calculation of customs duty payments, preparation of the required list of approvals;
  • Submission of the Customs Declaration and assistance in customs operations and customs procedures, which are necessary to release the goods;
  • Additional service in obtaining certificates for customs clearance

Our advantages

  • Integrated customs and logistic service
  • Well established cooperation with customs authorities (customs post, customs house, Regional Customs Administration and Federal Customs Service of Russia)
  • Convenient location of temporary storage warehouse in Sergiev-Posadsky Region near the Great Moscow Ring A-108
  • Free consultations on all questions concerning foreign trade activity and logistics for our clients
  • Modern methods of goods declaration. High level of qualification and broad experience with the nomenclature of goods
  • Personal Account Manager.
  • Electronic notification system about the process of customs operations and customs procedures (access online through Personal Account or e-mail notifications).
  • Unique free Warehouse-Online Service for tracking of the vehicle and the cargo using 24/7 Client’s Personal Account. Automatic notification about the customs operations and customs procedures by e-mail or SMS.
  • Clear scale of charges, including big discounts depending on the volumes and types of delivered cargoes