The logistic intergrator

The companies «InterLine» and «ProftTrade» perform together as an integrator of all logistics and customs services. In cooperation with our partners we are able to carry out a full range of transactions, including international transportation of any type from anywhere in the world and customs clearance.

  • We have gained broad experience in different logistic schemes (delivery roots and customs clearance modes)
  • We have built helpful business contacts and found reliable business partners
  • The necessary business assets are created, both abroad and in Russia (offices, vehicles, consolidation/deconsolidation warehouses)
  • The efficient client’s service is created to meet all clients’ needs

By providing the full complex of services (delivery and customs clearance) we do our best to optimize the basic costs of delivery, to control the delivery schedule and to lower the risks. This scheme is very beneficial to the clients.

«Cargo is yours, concerns are ours!»